Lamborghini Miura

The Miura established the reputation of the flamboyant Italian car manufacturer and incredibly, it wasn’t even an official project.

Five employees in the engineering team developed the car in their spare time and allegedly against the wishes of the company’s owner, Ferruccio Lamborghini.

A stunning example from the Swiss Transport Museum, Luzern, Switzerland photo Andrew Bossi

What You’ll Find On This Page

  • Details about the design, development and specification of the car
  • Motoring videos of the car
  • The role of the car in popular culture
  • Details of the diecast models of the car

Design, Development and Specification of the Lamborghini Miura

  • 1966 – 69 – P400 – 475 vehicles produced
  • 1968 – 71 – P400S – 338 produced
  • 1971 – 73 – P400SV – 150 produced
  • 1970 – Jota – a one-off made to conform to the FIA’s Appendix J racing modifications (unlike Ferrari, Lamborghini didn’t have any official interest in competition cars). Five hybrid SV/J’s were produced while the Miura was in production. Others have been converted since.

The beautiful two door, two seater berlinetta body was designed by Marcello Gandini of the Bertone studio.

It made its début at the March 1966 Geneva as the P400 and was rapturously received. and was rushed into production.

P400 Miura

Engine  – V12 3939 cc / 240 ci produced its maximum power of 350 bhp at 7000 rpm and maximum torque of369 Nm at 5100 rpm.

Body – length of 4370mm by width of 1760mm by height of 1050mm.

Weight 1292kg (2849 lbs) distributed 44/56%.

How Big Is A Mid-Engined Sports Car?

More detailed specification

P400S Miura

Lamborghini Miura P400S photo Ligabo
Lamborghini Miura P400S photo Ligabo

Engine – V12 3939 cc / 240 ci produced its maximum power of 370 bhp at 7500 rpm and maximum torque of389 Nm at 5500 rpm.

Body – length of 4390mm by width of 1780mm by height of 1100mm.

Weight 1040kg (2293 lbs) distributed 44/56%.

More detailed specification

Much more to follow

P400SV Miura

The SV has the eyelashes around the headlights removed. photo
The SV has the eyelashes around the headlights removed. photo

Engine – V12 3939 cc / 240 ci produced its maximum power of 385 bhp at 7850 rpm and maximum torque of 400 Nm at 5750 rpm.

Body – length of 4390mm by width of 1780mm by height of 1050mm.

Weight 1245kg (2293 lbs) distributed 44/56%.

More detailed specification

Road Test Performance

I have a large collection of the Brooklands Books which compile road tests and articles about cars.

The Lamborghini Cars Performance Portfolio 1964-1976 features the Road & Track road test of the Miura S  from April 1970.

Brooklands book of road tests and articles
Brooklands book of road tests and articles

This reveals a performance of:

Top Speed: 168 mph

0-60 mph Acceleration: 5.5 seconds

0-100 mph Acceleration: 12.3 seconds

The book is available from and

Not in the book but from memory, Autocar in the UK tested a Miura S and recorded a top speed of 172 mph but a disappointing 0-60 mph acceleration of 6.7 seconds making it very close to the top speed of the Ferrari Daytona but lagging by 1.3 seconds to 60.

Motoring Videos Of The Lamborghini Miura

A good place to start is with Top Gear from series 3, episode 4 as Richard Hammond drives one, chats to Jamiriquai about his and Jeremy asserts that the Miura is one of the three best looking cars along with the Aston Martin DB7 and the Ford GT40.

The Miura In Popular Culture

This is the car that is destroyed at the beginning of the Original version of The Italian Job as Matt Monro sings On Days Like This.

Life looks good until…

The Lamborghini Miura Diecast Models


  • 1:18 – P400 – Anson
  • 1:18 – P400 – BBurago
  • 1:18 – P400 – Kyosho
  • 1:18 – P400S  – Tonka
  • 1:18 – P400SV – Autoart
  • 1:18 – P400SV – Kyosho
  • 1:18 – P400SV – Welly
  • 1:18 – SVJ – Kyosho

Some websites like Amazon list the Kysoho P400 as a P400S but Kyosho on their website drop the S. They also offer an SV.


  • 1:24 – P400 – Mondo Motors
  • 1:24 – P400 – Fabbri
  • 1:24 – Concept – Mondo Motors


  • 1:43 – Concept – Mattel Hot Wheels
  • 1:43 – Concept – Mondo Motors
  • 1:43 – P400 – Autostrada
  • 1:43 – P400 – Matchbox
  • 1:43 – P400 – Verem
  • 1:43 – P400S – Rio
  • 1:43 – Jota – Minichamps
  • 1:43 – Roadster – Rio
  • 1:43 – Roadster – SMTS
  • 1:43 – SVJ – Kyosho
  • 1:43  – SVJ Roadster – Looksmart

As you can see, just collecting Miuras would give you a sizeable collection and this ignores models smaller than 1:43 and kits.

I’ve made it easy for you to check what models are available at what price from these websites:

eBay and

Collectable Diecast – a specialist model retailer in America

Please check the search results carefully and change the criteria if necessary.

Let’s take a deeper look at the 1:18 models which fall into two categories:

Low cost – Anson vs Bburago

High cost – Autoart vs Kyosho

P400 – Anson

Anson Miura

I bought one of these on holiday in Italy many years ago. It’s nice but I hadn’t seen how detailed these models can be at that stage.

P400 – Bburago

BBurago model
BBurago Miura

P400SV – Autoart

Autocart Model of Lamborghini
Autoart Miura SV

P400SVJ – Kyosho

The Jota version
Kyosho Miura SVJ

Helpful Posts To Find The Best Model Of The Miura

DiecastXchange – fantastic side by side comparison of the Autoart and Kyosho Miura SVs.

Lambodiecast – thoughts on the Miura models from the specialist Lamborghini model website.

I’ll provide links to more detailed assessments of these model cars in the future.

Is The Lamborghini Miura One Of the Sexiest Cars Ever Made?

It is often considered to be one of the best looking cars ever made and I agree. I love its 1960s curves and relatively long bonnet.

What are the sexiest cars from 1960 to 1974? Vote for up to TEN of your favourites. (Blue links take you to detailed pages)

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