Ferrari Mondial

The Ferrari Mondial is a Pininfarina designed 2+2 mid-engined coupé and roadster that was produced between 1980 and 1993. It replaced the Bertone designed Ferrari 308GT4.

Unusually for Ferrari it has a name (after the 500 Mondial race) rather than a number which indicates its engine type and size.

Ferrari Mondial T
Ferrari Mondial T introduced in 1989, photo by Tennen-Gas

The idea was to create a practical Ferrari, more room and better visibility but still with style and good performance.

Over 6,100 cars were produced in total over the 13 years, making it one of the most successful in terms of numbers sold.

It started with the 3 litre V8 engine which was also used in the 308GTB producing 214 hp (160 kW).

In 1982 a Quattrovalvole or QV engine was introduced with more power (240 hp or 179 kW). In the following year, a cabriolet was introduced which made it more popular in America. This is the first and only four seat, mid-engine convertible car that’s ever gone into regular production.

Ferrari Mondial T cabriolet, photo by Tim Dobbelaere
Ferrari Mondial T cabriolet, photo by Tim Dobbelaere

In 1985 the engine grew to 3.2 litre (3,185 cc) wit power increasing to 270 PS (199 kW; 266 hp). The styling was freshened up and ABS brakes were introduced in 1987.

In 1989 the Mondial t was introduced as both a coupé and cabriolet.The body design was again updated with body coloured bumpers and redesigned air intakes. The bigger change was the engine which was moved from being transverse to mounted longitudinally. As the gearbox stayed as traverse, this created the t that gave the model its new name. This change improved handling and became the standard for Ferrari’s mid-engined cars. The engine size increased again to 3.4 litres (3405 cc) and 300 hp (224 kW).

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Scale Models Of The Ferrari Mondial

Diecast models of Ferrari are dominated by Hot Wheels and there doesn’t look much else:

1:18 Hot Wheels / Mattel
1:43 Hot Wheels
1:43 Ixo

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