There are many different brands of diecast models and resin models.

My focus is more on the underlying car and then finding the best value model (based on quality and price) for that car. However other people are loyal to one or a few brands.

Here are links to the model brands featured on this website:


Bburago (or Burago)

GT Autos




Mattel Hot Wheels






Model Makers

If you’re new to collecting diecast and resin model cars, you’ll very quickly find that there are a large number of different brands with vastly different prices.

It is confusing to know what’s what and the limited licensing rights means that it’s hard to stick to one model brand.

It doesn’t help that these marketing brands often outsource the model making to companies in China or elsewhere. What you think are different brands may actually be made in the same factory.

My ownership experience is fairly limited because I want to keep my model collection small.

Here are links to what others have to say.

Wayne’s Overview of model makers – while this is out-of-date, it is very readable and talks about investment and disassembly.

Diecast Legends – a short introduction to model brands from a company that sells models to people like you and me. Indeed they say they are the “world’s number one seller of diecast models”. guide to 1:18 car model brands – brief summary that has some links to manufacturers.

Legacy Motors – another short guide from a reseller.

Wikipedia – list of car model brands

Car Model Manufacturers

China Car Model Manufacturer

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