BMW 8 Series (E31)

The BMW 8 Series (code: E31) is a two seat Grand Touring coupe built between 1989 to 1999 with either a V8 or V12 engine. In some ways, it is both a replacement and upgrade on the 6 series.

BMW 8 series
BMW 840i Ci Sport, photo by The Car Spy

The engines across the 840 (4 litre)  and 850 (5 litre) models were:

  • 4.0 litre V8
  • 4.4 litre V8
  • 5.0 litre V12
  • 5.4 litre V12
  • 5.6 litre V12

Motoring Videos

BMW promotional video

Saabkyle04 1995 BMW 840CI Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

Top Gear BMW 850csi

Scale Models Of The BMW 8 Series

I haven’t seen many models of the BMW 8 series coupé but they include:

  • 1:18 Maisto
  • 1:18 Revell
  • 1:24 Tamiya (kit)
  • 1:42 MC Toy
  • 1:43 Corgi
  • 1:43 Del prado
  • 1:43 Maisto

I’ve made it easy for you to check what models are available at what price from these websites:

eBay and

Collectable Diecast – a specialist model retailer in America

Please check the search results carefully and change the criteria if necessary.

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