1:18 Kyosho Lamborghini Countach LP500S Walter Wolf Edition

This page looks at the Kyosho model of the  Walter Wolf special edition of the Lamborghini Countach LP500S.

Walter Wolf was the owner of the Wolf Formula 1 racing team and he bought a Countach LP400 but it didn’t have enough ooomphh for him. He persuaded the factory to put in a larger engine and bigger tyres which meant that the wheel arches were also expanded.

For more details about the development of the car, please see Lamborghini Countach.

Kyosho model of the WW Countach

Noticee the black trimmings on the bumpers and wheel arches together with the dramatic spoiler at the back.

Kyosho Product Code K08323

  • K08323BL – blue
  • K08323BLL – WW blue
  • K08323R -red
  • K08323RV – WW red

What’s Available Right Now?

I’ve made it easy for you to check what’s available at the moment and at what price by clicking on the links below:


Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Collectable Diecast – a specialist retailer in the USA with a clear, informative website.

Please check the search results carefully.

Photos Of The Walter Wolf Lamborghini Countach by Kyosho

There is also a red version

Videos Of The Kyosho Countach LP500S

It’s best to mute this one.

And this one.

 From The Blogs And Forums

The specialist LamboDiecast.com is a good place to start

Countach LP500S WW red – 5 stars – more about the car than the model

Countach LP500s WW blue – 5 stars

Countach LP500S Red – 5 Stars

Countach LP500S White – 5 stars

Countach LP500S Yellow – 5 stars

As you can see, this model consistently gets high marks in every colour.

Over at DiecastXchange

Great photos of the blue WW Countach

Comparison of old and new models with corrections.

The Autoart version of the WW Countach for comparison.

Countach LP500S Autoart Vs Kyosho and more discussion.


Autoart also prepare a high quality version of the Walter Wolf LP500s which makes the choice harder if prices are similar.

That is, of course, assuming that it’s this version of the Countach that you want.

Other Kyosho Countach Models Available

The Countach was around for many years in different versions so, if you only want one, you have a hard choice to make, even if you still to the Kyosho brand of models.

  • K08321 – Countach LP400 – black, blue, gold, orange, red, yellow and Hama’s Black Panther versions
  • K08322 – Countach LP500 – black, red, white, yellow
  • K08323 – LP500S reviewed on this page
  • K08324 – Countach LP400 with roof wing – white
  • K08325 – Countach Prototype – green
  • K08326 – Countach LP500R – black
  • K08327 – Countach LP5000QV – blue, white

My Thoughts

I think at least one model of the Countach is essential for a collection of super cars. The iconic nature of the design is shown by how many varieties are still available from different model makers.

Personally I’m not so keen on the Walter Wolf version. I’m at the stage of trying to decide if I want one Countach (if so, which one) or two when the choice is simpler, an early LP400 where there is purity of design and a much later 5000QV which has more drama about it.

Is The Lamborghini Countach One Of The Sexiest Cars Ever Made?

It’s actually featured in the poll from 1960 to 74 and from 1975 to 89 but, since the Walter Wolf model is a preview of what’s to come, I’ve just listed the later one below.

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