1:18 Autoart Pagani Huayra

The 1:18 model of the Pagani Huayra by Autoart is expensive but it’s very highly thought of by collectors.

At the time of writing, it’s retailing for £250 plus in the UK and $300 plus in the USA. (20% VAT is part of the difference and will be applied by Customs if you import the car from outside of the EU).

if you are interested in the real car, click over to Pagani Huayra where you’ll find the best videos.

1:18 Autoart model 78269 of the Pagani Huayra in metallic bronze


Autoart Code Numbers

  • 78266 – Silver
  • 78267 – White
  • 78268 – Metallic red
  • 78269 – Metallic bronze

What’s Available Right Now

I’ve made it easy for you to check what’s available at the moment and at what price by clicking on the links below:


Amazon.com or Amazon.com

Collectable Diecast – a specialist retailer in the USA with a clear, informative website.

Photographs of the Autoart Pagani Huayra

I’ll start with silver.

Autoart 78266

The white one looks similar online as both are pale.

Autoart 78267

The white Welly version had a red interior.

Photographs I can use of the red and bronze versions are limited at the moment.


Review Videos

I wanted to capture this excellent video from Heavymetalmodels raving about the Autoart model.

The next one has still shots of the white car.

From The Forums And Blogs

Diecast Society

  • White – review and great photos
  • Bronze – great photos


The Model Competition For The Pagani Huayra

Lower level models of the car are made by Motormax, Mondo, Nex and GT Autos but Autoart are the only premium priced model manufacturer to make it at the moment.

Other models on this website:

1:18 Mondo Pagani Huayra

1:18 GT Autos Pagani Huayra

1:18 Motormax Pagani Huayra

My Thoughts

The Autoart model is very nice but it’s expensive compared to the GT Autos / Welly version.

I must admit, I’m in danger of becoming a Pagani fanatic so I can understand why anyone would think “I must have the best.”

I’m very tempted by this Autoart model but I can’t bring myself to pay close to the full retail price for it. Perhaps that’s because I like my Welly model version so much.

Buying The Autoart Pagani Huayra

Here are the links again to help you to find the best deal – eBay – Amazon.com – Amazon.comCollectable Diecast

If you are importing, be aware of additional taxes and duties. It’s not an issue if you’re bringing a model in from the EU into the UK.

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